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Posted 8/20/2015
Summer Camp Fun
Posted 6/2/2015
Posted 5/13/2015
Directors Meeting
Posted 4/14/2015
Womens World Cup 2015
Women's World Cup 2015, be a part of the excitement check out the link below
Posted 4/14/2015
Rep Coaches for 2015/2016
The CRYSA is preparing for the 2015/2016 UISA Rep Season

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    Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)

    Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is a CSA soccer-specific adaptation of the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) developed by Canadian Sport Centres. LTAD is a scientific model for periodized athlete training and development that respects and utilizes the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth in athletes, and it has already been adopted by major sports organizations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. Like the LTAD program, LTPD is designed to:

    1. Promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
    2. Provide a structured player development pathway.
    3. Describe best practices for elite player development.
    4. Create long-term excellence.

    How is the CRYSA going to communicate directly with Coaches, Players and Parents?

    The new website with its communication features will mean that the primary form of information flow from the club to Coaches, Players, Parents, Referees and Volunteers will be email. The email will appear with the sender name being
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    The CRYSA Team
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    Pre-season skill camp August 24-28 register now

    Fall Soccer begins September 12.  Fall registration closes on August 30 and wait-lists will be activated.

    Register online for all soccer programs.

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