Tots House program

Tots House Program  
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U7/8 House program

U7/8 program overview  
U7/8 Program overview under construction

U9/10 House program

U9/10 Program overview  
U9/10 Program overview under construction

U11/12 House program

U11/12 Program overview  
U11/12 Program overview under construction

U13/14 House Program

U13/14 Program overview  
U13/14 Program overview under construction

U15/18 House program

U15/18 house program  
U15/18 House program under construction

Academy Spring Program


Long term Player Development


Long Term Players Development (LTPD) Model

 The Campbell River Youth Soccer Association develops its programs using the Canadian Soccer Associations LTPD Model.

 When many people think of sports, they usually think about basketball, football, and baseball. However, soccer is a very fun sport that is similar to all three of these sports. The Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development is a philosophy that is going to be implemented by all soccer organizations right across Canada.  The CSA’s LTPD is part of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) philosophy which has been adopted by all governments and sport organizations in Canada.

 The Long Term Play Development model (also knows as Wellness to World Cup) consists of seven stages.

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LTPD Community Guide   

 LTPD Program


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Active Start Program 

 Fundamentals Program 

 Learning to Train Program